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Audience Identification is for anyone who likes to shop online, talk about what they purchased and share it with their networks. is for those who are tired of looking at setting up an account and then having to find a Plug-In, of the 100’s that are out there trying to find that exact one that will work with their account and then finding out that the plug-in is not what they needed to begin with. What we have done is eliminated the need for all those 100’s of plug-ins and just reconfigured them and put them inside HubFul and gave access to everyone to different features with their Monthly or Annual Subscription Plan to our Platform-as-a-Service website. Come check us out!

About our Company was created out of the frustration that our Founder and CEO experienced his entire life, with not being able to find the exact sizes (in anything) that he needed for clothes or shoes without having to spend a fortune to get one single outfit.

Our Founder and CEO stands 6’10”, 360+ lbs and wears a size 15 5E wide shoe.

Just a pair of shoes for him costs at least $150 – $200 if not more.

Not to mention that it costs about $75 for one pair of jeans and another $50 for one shirt. And that’s when he is actually able to find something in his size. And that is not even a belt or anything else.

Add in the Internet and nearly 90% of the normal websites that has clothes DO NOT have his size but yet he sees ads from those 90% that say that they do but really don’t have his size.

Our Founder and CEO was tired of these websites wasting his time searching and searching for something that would actually fit. So he set out to create a website that was built for the individual user and HubFul was born.

He has been working on getting this website started for the last 12 years and has been the only one that has been creating everything from scratch by himself. He has taught himself every single aspect as it relates to HubFul and he built every feature, by breaking them down and figuring out what each feature would do and how it would tie into the rest of HubFul.

He is even teaching himself now on how to code using resources that are available online, from learning the basics of coding, to keeping this temporary website updated, to marketing and putting ads out there, as well as, trying to find developers (which he has found a development company) and trying to find investors to fund this amazing platform.

Product Launch

We are working on getting this amazing platform built from scratch and it is taking us a little bit longer than we wanted, but when you are building something as grand as HubFul, it takes extra time for us to make it that much more special for you. And since it has taken longer than we had hoped it would, we are going to be doing a VERY SPECIAL ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OFFER! Literally, users will be able to take advantage of this Limited-Edition, NEVER-AGAIN deal and will be able to get access to our Platform for Life, as well as, other Very Special Treatment and VIP Access to Everything Related to HubFul (now and in the future – and that’s A LOT!).

Note: Of which those that purchase a Pre-Order Account will get a special invite by our Founder and CEO to participate in a very special feedback session via video conferencing!

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