HubFul: Social Commerce Platform Integrated with a Brand New AI

Being able to create an industry, that the other companies have forgotten, is a challenge to begin with. Combining 2 of the world's biggest online industries into one, takes a certain amount of finesse, a balance of the two that makes them both work seamlessly together. Other companies have tried to focus on combining the two but wind up having their website be geared toward one aspect or the other. What we have managed to create is a platform that is more user-focused, more personalized, and more sensitive to the data that our users will share that makes our platform become blended with the right amount of each industry. We have taken the Like Button and centered our platform around it and taken it up a notch or two!

We have built a Brand New Review Platform that brings a more personal touch to both users and businesses. This Review platform will allow businesses new insights into how their customers are actually using their products/services and dealing with their company that will allow them to implement a program that will take these reviews and hold their company accountable on how they deal with customers and their products. No more are the days of having to deal with horrible customer service, because has taken customer service and will be releasing a new feature in upcoming updates to our platform that allows users and customer service to talk to one another naturally!

Another thing that we have done is allowed our users and businesses alike to be protected and gain access to their own data and privacy and we have let them be the one in control of it. The user will be the one who will get to choose what information they want to share with a company that they have interest in doing business with. One of our main goals, here at, is to focus our efforts on letting users KEEP their own data, as well as, their privacy.

We will NEVER sell our users data, or invade their privacy! Period!

With our platform, we are going to build a brand new AI engine that will monitor users account, show them the customization's that make their account unique to them, as well as, protect their accounts at all times! Protect it from outside threats, forgot to sign-out protection, used a public Wi-Fi access that was unprotected! With our integration with an amazing cybersecurity solution, we will be able to provide users a custom-tailored account that only shows them things (content, ads, products, etc.) that they are already interested, and are ready to purchase when they first sign in to our platform. will allow users to, "Shop. Socialize. Share. Repeat." as much as they want!

Are you ready for the change? A change that will increase your online productivity?

Are you a Business that is struggling with posting ads that don't perform but waste your time and money? How about protecting your company and it's customers? What about spending your advertising budget to actually get new users and not "throw up you money and hope something sticks"? is now taking Pre-Orders for users, both everyday users and business users who want into our platform early and be able to test out all the amazing features and platform before ANYONE else!

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